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Sell More, Waste Less - Oxford - June 24th & 25th

Sell More, Waste Less - Oxford - June 24th & 25th


The food waste and markdown's working group's first meeting of the year will be hosted by Waitrose, at Said Business School, University of Oxford. The agenda will include updates from academia on the sales and waste benefits of an expiry date visibility model, an overview of the true cost of food waste research, insights from academia and the practical learnings from Waitrose on the plastic Vs waste debate (we will have a hosted visit of their unbundled store in Oxford) and then discussion on the role of contracts / terms & conditions on food waste prevention.

Retailers, producers and academia are all welcome at what should be another very productive working group meeting. There will an informal catch up beer, wine and BBQ planned on the night of the 24th. ECR is the platform for collaboration and there is no cost to participate in this working group meeting. A more detailed agenda will follow

If you are planning on attending, please register ASAP so that we can plan the right size of room, right number of lunches (no food waste!), etc. 

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