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Self Checkout in Retail - Measuring the Loss

Self Checkout in Retail - Measuring the Loss

This new comprehensive report assesses the potential impact of self-checkout (SCO) technologies on retail loss and provides best practices and guidance on how to address and balance these risks.

In this new report, the data collected suggests that a typical retailer can potentially experience an increase in stock loss of 1 basis point for every one percent of sales that go through fixed SCO machines. For instance, a typical store with 25% of their sales value going through fixed SCO could see additional stock losses of 0.25% of sales value. .

The report consider ways in which SCO technologies can be controlled, including the use of effective guardians and a range of emerging technologies. The report also underlines the importance of monitoring data on the risk of loss relating to SCO as well as adopting a more joined up approach to SCO management and control.

The report is based upon data collected from 13 major retailers operating in Europe and the US, including analysis of: 140 million Scan and Go transactions; 17 million transaction audits; video analytics of €72 billion of Fixed SCO transactions; and comparative stock loss data from thousands of retail stores. As such, it is the most comprehensive study to date on the scale and extent of stock losses associated with SCO technologies.

There was a global webinar on Dec 6th, to listen to a recording and view the presentation slides click here.

For retailers, there is a round table workshop planned on Wednesday February 13th, for more information on that retailer only workshop please click here

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