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Video Working Group - Monthly Group Discussion Series

Video Working Group - Monthly Group Discussion Series

NEXT GROUP DISCUSSION: Using Video to Manage Fraudulent Compensation Claims – August 12th  - 2.00pm BST / 9.00am Eastern Time

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RECAP - ECR group discussion on Video. Session 1: Reviewing the role of video in the pandemic. Wednesday July 8th 

The group heard from Meijer, Kaufland and Aldi on how they were investigating, piloting and iterating with technologies to manage occupancy, in a hard to predict, variable and often uncertain regulatory context. In the cases presented, the return on investment was often less than a month for the different technology choices, with some of the retailers seeing the potential for future use cases, a potential that Adrian Beck shared, is one that has not been fully recognised by the business, with the "so what can I do with the people counting data" being the point raised. 





Talk Outline

Group Discussion


Aug 12th

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Preventing Fraudulent Compensation Claims

Hear from three retailers as to how their video system has helped lower insurance costs and avoid payment of wrongful claims of personal injuries.

Has your organisation also been able to benefit from and put a hard benefit €€€ number to the value of video in reducing insurance premiums and preventing fraudulent claims?


Sept 9th 

1.00pm GMT / 8.00am Eastern

Leveraging Video in Retail Fuel Stations

Three retailers will share how they are leveraging video to improve customer service and prevent retail fuel station “drive offs” where no payment is offered

Thinking about all your retail formats, from fuel stations, to click & collect, to car parks and to other delivery points, how have you been able to leverage video to improve the customer experience, prevent losses, reduce abuse, etc


Oct 14th

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Being a Video Tzar

Learn from two retail video tzars, why and how were they appointed, what is their mission, who else did they engage? how are they moving video from being seen as just an LP tool, to being seen as a tool for the whole business?

How is your organisation grappling with the opportunity to turn video from just an LP tool, to a tool and data the whole business uses? How has your organisation been organised to deliver that vision? Do you have / are you considering a Video Tzar? Do LP still “own” video?


Nov 11th 

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Video as a deterrent – imaging new ways

Two retailers will share how they are using video as a deterrent, for example, body camera’s, framing and monitors, that can “personalise” video, to increase safety, reduce violence and to prevent theft.

How is your organisation considering the use of these technologies and video personalisation as a strategy to deter would be offenders, reduce violence and improve safety? Do you have any results that you could share? What are the next “personalisation” techniques for video?


Dec 9th

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Central Video Command Centres

Three retailers will share their business case for their central video command systems, describing how the system has evolved from being a “security only” system to a business tool used by all parts of the organisation

What have been your organisations learnings on the deployment of video central command systems? Have you been able to integrate burglar, refrigeration, intruder alerts, and how far beyond the loss prevention team does the use of the central system extend in your company?


Jan 20th

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Retail Video Analytics, lessons learnt

Three retailers will each share a snapshot of their video analytics journey, what use cases have worked and what have not worked.

What has been your organisation’s journey with video analytics, what have been the “hits” and “misses” and what do you see as the next most promising and scalable video analytic use cases for retail?


Feb 17th  

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Using Video Analytics to manage self-checkout loss

Two retailers will share how they have used video analytics to identify missed and non-scans and walkways at self-checkouts, while reducing interventions / friction

What video analytics interventions has your organisation tried at the self-checkout? And did you see the same results as these two retailers? If you also offer Mobile Scan & Go, what do you imagine are the possible use cases for video analytics to reduce loss?


March 10th

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Retail Marketing leveraging Video – Promises Delivered

Marketing leaders from two retailers will share how they have leveraged video to deliver a scaled capability to monitor and improve customer service, loyalty, and sales.

To what extent has your organisation been able to leverage video, either at scale or on an ad-hoc basis to help improve the customer experience, drive loyalty, and increase sales?

Weds April 14th

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Mass Collaboration with Video

Retailers and law enforcement leaders will talk to the benefits delivered from the sharing of video across a tightly defined geographic space

Has your organisation been involved with a collaborative scheme on video sharing that lowers crime but at the same time drives shopper traffic and promotes a safer shopping environment


May 12th

2.00pm GMT / 9.00am Eastern

Using Video in Distribution Centres

Two retail distribution centre leaders will share how they have been able to leverage video to improve access controls, productivity and reduce accidents and compensation claims.

How does your organisation leverage video in your retail supply chain, logistics and distribution centre operations? Do you have the same or different use cases?