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Video in Retail - Jan 24th 2019

Video in Retail - Jan 24th 2019

Video in Retail Interactive Workshop - Jan 24th - Five Key Takeaways

1) Hubs are Here! Of the 23 retailer organisations that attended this workshop, the vast majority, if not all shared that they either have a hub operation for central monitoring and review in place, are in the process of physically building one or have plans in the next year to build their business case to support the investment. This is a significant change relative to the first meeting of this group in January 2016, where only a few had either a hub or plans to build a hub. The business case for hubs was presented by Tesco and Coop, with other retaiilers sharing their plans via round table discussions. The emergence of improved and lower cost video technology and software, alongside the escalation of violence in retail stores, the continued pain of shrink, the high cost of insurance premiums and pressures on the securty guarding budget have been the key drivers of the business case to invest in hubs. This was illustrated very well in this video from the Coop

2) Body Worn Cameras Reduce Violent Incidents. Many retailers in the UK have or are investigating the business case for the deployment of body worn cameras to their security guarding teams. To kick start the round table discussions, Asda shared their business case, execution, deployment and their results, where they have been able to prove over a long time period that the use of body worn cameras can deliver a 27% reduction in violent incidents in the store. 

3) Help Needed on Video Based Interventions to help shoppers be more accurate with Self-Checkouts. To improve the shopping experience, retailers continue to look to remove friction from the shopping journey, for example with self-checkouts, which are now seen by many shoppers as a faster and more convenient way to pay for their goods. However, they do carry risk for the retailers if the shoppers are not accurate and do not scan every item, or mistakenly scan or not pay for the items they have selected. After an opening presentation from Professor Beck, and on the tables the groups discussed the current options available to manage this risk and tested by them, including public view monitors, weight controls, product verification and exception based video monitoring, and concluded that there is a significant gap in video based interventions that are reliable, scalable and sustainable. Innovation and new technologies to help shoppers be more accurate would be very welcomed by this cohort of retailers.

4) Feature Matching Technology CAN be GDPR compliant. Examples of how feature matching could be used to deliver greater customer service to those who the retailer knows to be bad actors were shared and discussed, followed by a legal opinion shared by expert lawyers in the 2018 data protection act and GDPR. Conclusions drawn on the day were that 1) feature matching could be a valuable tool that could help store managers provide great customer service to bad actors, 2) that it can be GDPR compliant if a legitimate cause can be demonstrated and a full privacy impact assessment is completed. Finally, it was concluded that it would be inevitable that the first retailer that deploys this technology will attract a lot of media attention.

5) High Appetite for Further Collaboration. This is the third in the series of interactive workshops delivered by ECR, with the support of Genetec, and based on the feedback, a fourth will be planned for Jan 21st/22nd in London, where the workshop will include a visit to a "state of the art" hub and enterprise wide video deployment, an extended invitation to those in law enforcement and other sectors to share their latest experiences of leading edge video capabilities, including feature matching and an evening network dinner. The workshop will follow the interactive round table format.

Mark your schedules now.

ECR Interactive Workshop - Video in Retail in 2020 - Tuesday January 21st through to Wednesday January 22nd 

Arrivals from 12pm on Jan 21st  - Close at 4pm on Jan 22nd