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Video CCTV in Retail Webinar - June 17th - 2 pm GMT

Retailers continue to invest billions in Video CCTV systems, and to understand how they currently use video CCTV, and the prospects they see for video analytics, the ECR Retail Loss Group commissioned Professor Adrian Beck to conduct in-depth interviews and site visits with retailers based in the US and Europe, and to gather the views from solution providers.

To launch this ground breaking research, the ECR Retail Loss Group are organising a webinar on Wednesday June 17th at 2.00pm GMT. The agenda is below:

2.00pm: Welcome & Introductions - Colin Peacock - Group Strategy Coordinator - ECR Retail Loss Group


2.05pm:  Report Launch - Emeritus Professor Adrian Beck, will introduce the key themes from the forthcoming report::

  • A detailed analysis of how retailers are currently utilising video technologies in their businesses.
  • A review of how retailers are using video analytics to deliver safety and security, and business intelligence.
  • A critical assessment of the challenges of managing video analytics in retailing.
  • An evaluation of the strategic trends in the use of video technologies, including centralised video command centres, data integration and system design.
  • Reflections on the importance of developing a co-ordinated and cross functional plan to maximise the potential of video technologies in retailing


2.40pm: Solution Provider Response - Rob Borsch, Retail Channel leader at Genetec, will share his learnings on the organisational challenges of delivering a company wide CCTV strategy, and his view on the near and longer term prospects abd business case for scaleable video analytics


2.55pm: Retailer Response - Scott Draher, Vice President Asset Protection & Safety at Lowes, will describe what it means and what it takes to be an effective Video Tzar, and how he has delivered an organisation wide video strategy at Lowes


3.15pm: ECR Retail Loss Group Interactive Discussion Group Series on Video in Retail - Colin will announce the dates and themes of the forthcoming series. 

3.20pm: Questions and Discussion - Adrian, Rob and Scott will answer the questions sent in advance and collected during the webinar

3.30pm: Close

We imagine that this webinar will be of particular interest to leaders from the following functions:

  • Asset Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Security and Risk
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Information Technology
  • Store Operations Executives 

In addition, the Webinar will be of value to video technology providers, installers and users of Video, for example Security Guarding companies.

To register for the event, please use this link.

Immediately after this webinar, and to those who attend, a link will be sent to a url where they can download the full report free of charge.