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Understanding and Controlling the Risk of Self-checkout Technologies - Feb 13th - 2019

Understanding and Controlling the Risk of  Self-checkout Technologies - Feb 13th - 2019


Over 60 participants from 17 retail organisations representing customer service, productivity, loss prevention, store design and store operations participated in an interactive one day workshop. Key takeaways from the day inc

1: SCO Participation Rate is Set to Treble – at the start of the day, the 60+ participants representing 17 retailers were asked about the current and future % of total transactions that would go through SCO at their business. When asked about current participation, 23% of the respondents said that right now more than 51% of their transactions went through SCO; when asked about what percentage of transactions their business planned to see processed through SCO in the next three years, 61% of the respondents reported that their business would be processing more than 51% of their transactions through SCO. While its right to be cautious about the sampling methodology, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that for this group, there is a clear direction of travel for SCO, and that’s up! 

2: There is a huge appetite for improvements that can reduce non scans, missed scans, wrong scans and walkaways – while the ECR SCO report has helped many organisations generate energy for change, it has also created a demand for new technology interventions that could help accuracy, that today is not being fully satisfied by current technology options.  

3: And a clear recognition that more is needed to be done on people – the participants on the round tables underlined the importance of the SCO supervisor, and the critical role they play in customer service, brand reputation management and conflict resolution. Several organisations had invested in training, and recognised through pay and reward schemes, the different and critical role SCO supervisors play in helping to keep customers accurate and honest.

4: Measurement remains the key to organisational engagement – the ECR report highlighted how measurement of SCO had not been made a priority by top management, in part because it is difficult. However, as the participants discussed, when it is made a priority, ways can be found to measure a range of SCO-related indicators, including shopper accuracy, intervention effectiveness and customer service.

5: Organisations need to talk SCO more – perhaps unsurprisingly given the absence of data, many organisations shared that there is not an ongoing dialogue and communication on aspects of SCO related to the potential for loss. That said, at least three of the retailer organisations shared that since the publication of the ECR report, their organisation had invested in ‘road shows’ where leaders from customer service, loss prevention and IT toured the stores to promote key messages on SCO, the potential for loss, and the best ways that stores can help prevent them. They all reported back that this communication had already delivered benefits.

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