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Trading Card Research

Trading Card Research

The World Cup was a terrific success for Russia, France, England’s brave footballers and retail sales of Gareth Southgate style waistcoats. However, for publishers and multiple grocer retailers selling the World Cup 2018 trading cards, there were significant levels of lost sales, as stores took actions such as taking trading off live sales or added security measures such as keeper cases to reduce shrink. It is acknowledged that for this category to grow and for future campaigns such as Match Attax, Euro’s 2020, etc to be successful, the whole supply chain will need to work together to identify new ways to grow profitability. This new research project lead by MBA students from the Cardiff Business School is expected to bring a fresh pair of eyes to the challenge and to identify actions across the whole supply chain.  

Research Objectives

In the first instance, the aim of the study is to understand the flow of trading cards / free albums from the publishers through to the wholesalers then the retailer and finally, the returns that go back to the wholesaler.  The second purpose is to identify the “pain points” and bring to the industry new thinking and ideas that could make the category and these products better for the shopper, simpler for staff and at a lower total cost.

In scope are the collectible trading card products such as Match Attax, and other products that may or may not be dependent on a free album distributed before the launch. The study will look at the flow of goods through to just the multiple UK grocery retailers, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose.


The findings can be found in the report which is free to download

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