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SCO Workshop - Feb 11th & 12th

SCO Workshop - Feb 11th & 12th


In its second year, this workshop in London will include the finale of the SCO Design Innovation Challenge, speed dating with innovative companies with new technology responses to the frictionless challenge and then case studies in SCO management from Tesco, Metro and Aldi. 

The focus of this workshop will be the interaction and debate between the representing organisations and their deep experts in self-checkout, where the purpose is to foster collaboration between the participants, and across the functions of customer service, technology and loss prevention.

Over 20 retail organisations are expected to attend from Europe. his workshop is free to attend for any retailer, however the room does have a maximim capacity of 60 participants so please register as soon as you can so that we can reserve your organisations seat at the table.

The draft agenda can be downloaded by clicking here

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