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SCO Workshop - Feb 11th & 12th

SCO Workshop - Feb 11th & 12th


Now in its second year, over 30 retailer organisations, producers, academics, designers, start-ups and research grant providers shared new thinking, insights and learnings on SCO. To kick start the workshop, the participating retailers were asked to share some data on use, the use trends and the extent to which they are using technologyies to improve scan accuracy. This data was then compared to the data collected at the first workshop in Feb 2019, and a similar SCO workshop in USA held in July 2019. There is no pretence that these findings are exact or in anyway representative of all retailers. They are though reflective of the answers given by this cohort of engaged retailers.   

Following the benchmark exercise was speed dating V1, where participants shared their respective priorities on SCO on three "dates" with their retailer peers. After lunch, the University of Arts team provided an update on their process [to develop new design thinking for SCO] and thirty two initial concepts that responded to the challenges of using SCO's, of hosting SCO's and the issues they found in the misuse and abuse of SCO's. Their full report will be published in May. Further responses to the Design Challenge were presented to the group from Modern Expo and ITAB. Day one closed with speed dating V2, where each of the short listed finalists in the Frictionless Challenge, pitched their ideas to the participants.

Day 2 was about retailer case study learnings and discussions. The first case study from Sainsbury's talked to their learnings on scan avoidance technology. The second, from Metro, focused in on the audit process and their use of new technology to reduce the friction at the audit stage. The final presentation from Aldi documented their learnings on deploying SCO and the use of an external specialist SCO training company.

The plan is to run a third workshop on Feb 10/11 2021, if you would like to register, please click here