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RFID - The Benefits of RFID in Multi-Channel Retailing - Workshop - Dec 2nd & 3rd

RFID - The Benefits of RFID in Multi-Channel Retailing - Workshop - Dec 2nd & 3rd

In 2018, ECR published a report detailing how ten retailers had built their business case for RFID against the foundational use case of inventory counting. With an increasing number of retailers now having adopted or adopting this use case, this ECR workshop is about defining the next use cases.........

  • In the store  - How can RFID help detect the items leaving the store unsold and automatically update the inventory records at the exit? How can RFID help reduce returns fraud and improve the returns process, including the accuracy of returns being shipped back to the fulfillment centres? How can RFID help improve the tracking of goods through the changing rooms, to provide shopper intelligence and insights on potential losses? How can RFID be applied to deliver a more frictionless shopping experience?
  • In the supply chain - How can RFID improve the inbound receiving process effiency and accuracy? How can RFID improve the accuracy and visibility to the outbound [to stores] logistics journey?
  • Across supply chains - How can RFID applied to items by the brand owners (who also operate retail stores) be leveraged by other retailers selling RFID source tagged items in their stores?
  • In Fulfillment Centres - How can RFID be leveraged to support the growth and profitability of the e-commerce channel for traditonal and pure play e-commerce retailers?

Day One of this workshop will start with a talk by a leading retailer on their journey to deploy RFID against the foundational use case, this will then be followed by hosted store visits to review how RFID is being deployed in selected stores in Central London. After the store visits, the group will review and share their learnings, what inspired them, what ideas can they takeaway and what ideas would they share back with the retailer hosts? Day One will close with a speed dating event, where the participants will each share, in this unique format, their top three RFID work priorities with three "dates". In the evening there will be an informal networking beer and pizza event, ideally on a roof top location in the warmth of the July sun [or rain]

Day Two of the workshop will start with selected retailers sharing their latest developments in the use cases for RFID in store, this will be followed by sessions lead by retailers on the use of RFID in the supply chain and the e-commerce channel. In the afternoon, the focus will be on the future, with two speakers sharing their forecast of what RFID will look like in 2025. The workshop will close at 3pm. 

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