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Results and Start Up Videos

Results and Start Up Videos


Inspired by the Retail Loss Challenge in 2018, the ECR Sell More, Waste Less workng group commissioned the 2019 Challenge seeking inspiration from the start-up world for innovative responses to the five briefs. An initial longlist of 200, was short-listed down to fourteen enterprising startups who showcased their proposed food waste solutions European retailers including Asda, Delhaizem Albert, Tesco, Sonae and Lidl.     

The “Startups have their finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and the ability to move with pace and agility that retailers can only aspire to,” explains Jeremy Basset who heads up innovation consultancy Co:cubed who worked woith ECR on this innovation challenge.  “As with every industry across the spectrum, these entrepreneurs are playing an increasingly pivotal role in finding new solutions to our biggest challenges.    

“From these retailer briefs we devised a long list of startups focused on the end-to-end food logistics system, assessing them on their suitability, scalability and innovativeness” Jeremy explained. “It’s not enough to just offer solutions, but also to deliver solutions that scalable. It’s one thing to have an idea, but unless you have technology that is able to be plugged into a retailer’s structure and be scaled up it’s not going to have any impact.”

The startups who made the cut to pitch to retailers were:

  • Evigence Sensors - smart Visual Freshness Sensors that replace the old date code expiration system with a dynamic technology that monitors expiry and temperature of perishable food products in real time.
  • Whywaste - digital, store-based expiration date management system used in eight countries that has led to 30% waste reductions
  • Contronics  - dry mist technology that can raise humidity and cool products simultaneously, ensuring products are kept fresh
  • Wasteless - dynamic pricing solution, that requires just a “light integration” with the POS solution to optimally mark down fresh products with shorter expiration dates.
  • Too Good To Go - a business that has worked with retailers on developing ‘magic bags’ of end of life products for consumers to purchase at significant discounts.
  • Rubikloud - Rubikloud empowers retailers to leverage machine learning and big data systems in meaningful ways to support food waste reduction.
  • Commerso - Comerso aim to transform the “burden” of handling unsold stock and waste into an opportunity to have a social, environmental and economic impact and make productive use of unsold items the norm.
  • Food For AllFood For All takes fresh produce that would have gone to waste and turns it into free nutritious hot meals for the community, delivered where possible using emission-free bicycle rickshaws by a dedicated team of volunteers.
  • Keep it - The Keep-it indicator constantly monitors temperature over time, and shows the actual remainin
  • Xsense - Xsense® by BT9 is an end-to-end cold chain monitoring solution provider with modern standards of engineering and quality assurance. We offer a variety of solutions for keeping track of customers' cold chains on the go. T
  • Bizerba - Bizerba offers the retail and logistics sectors a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software based around the central value of "weight"
  • Odyn - ODYN help shippers optimize their in-transit inventory by tracking and analyzing the movement of shipments around the world

Participating startups will now undergo pilot workshops with the retailers on the ’shark tank’ panel, with a view to potential implementation and a review of their effectiveness at the next ECR Sell More, Waste Less meeting, taking place in Dublin on November 13/14th.