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Module 7: Reflections on Staff Dishonesty Interactive Group Discussion Session


Module 7: Reflections on Staff Dishonesty


Report: Reflections on Staff Dishonesty. Click here to download and read

Interactive Group Discussion Session

Thursday June 18th  – 1.30pm GMT – Click here to Register


Once you have had the opportunity to review the materials associated with this particular module, the next stage is to complete a series of activities designed to enable you to not only reflect upon what you may have read or heard, but also prepare what you are planning to share in the interactive online discussion session that will be hosted by Colin Peacock, Group Strategy Coordinator for the ECR Group.

This session will not only give you the opportunity to share your thoughts but also to listen to the views of others that are participating at the same time, adding a further element of learning.

Activity 1: First of all, reflect upon the documents provided and consider the following:

  • What findings are still relevant and why?
  • What is now out of date and why has this happened – what changes have occurred to no longer make the findings relevant today?

Activity 2: After reviewing the materials associated with this module, what were the results that:

  • Provided new insights and learning?
  • Challenged your existing perceptions?
  • Reinforced what you already knew and understood?

Activity 3: Which of the findings and insights do you already see in your place of work or in other retail environments you have observed?

Activity 4: How and in what ways might these findings inform you current and future loss prevention plans and activities?


To continually improve, ECR would be very grateful for feedback on this and every module, all which can be captured via a quick online survey at the end of the session.

Note: You will have observed that the report provided for this module was produced quite a few years ago – the ECR Group has been actively researching the topic of Loss Prevention for more than 20 years. It is therefore understandable that this document could be seen as much a historical reflection on the management of retail loss prevention as it is a guide to current and future strategies. However, history can often be a prescient guide to the future – much can be learnt from what went before.