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London, Oct 2nd & 3rd

London, Oct 2nd & 3rd

Hosted by Diageo, retailer, academic and CPG members of the ECR working group met in London on October 2nd & 3rd. Kicked off on the first day by Professor Adrian Beck, new research on Total Retail Loss was shared, and findings revealed on the extent to which retailers were adopting the new framework, the way in which organisations were changing to embrace this more holistic approach to managing retail losses, the barriers and enablers to adoption, and a more in-depth analysis of e-commerce losses. The launch of the report will be the end of October, with a global webinar launch in early November. The rest of the day was then focused on Smirnoff! and the ways in which collaboration could increase sales and reduce losses. First, providing an overview of the Diageo thinking on On-Shelf Availabilty, Julie Brogan introduced the company strategy, followed by Kondy Mhone, who shared their programme with Trax. A category presentation preceded lunch, after which the group were re-introduced to the ECR Road Map process and then toured stores, following a bottle of Smirnoff through stores from receipt to its sale and replenishment.

After a tour of the Diageo innovation centre, the round table discussions on the second day started with in-depth discussion on incident reporting, with John Lewis, Aldi and Aholddelhaize sharing their thinking on what was clearly a very hot topic. A discussion on returns management followed prior to the final talk of the day from Mark Ryles, who shared his learning from his first 100 days in post. 

The next working group meeting will be held on March 4th & 5th, and TBC will be hosted by Metro CC in Dusseldorf. 

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