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The Loss Prevention Habits of Low Shrink Retailers

The Loss Prevention Habits of Low Shrink Retailers

In the first part of this research, academics and industry experts were asked to nominate the names of retail organisations they believed delivered consistently low shrinkage results.

From this, a list of five retailers, all based in USA, were identified and in the second part of the research, they were all contacted and a request for an interview and site visits was agreed with each of them.

From the interviews and the observations, the researcher (Professor Adrian Beck) was able to identify ten 'habits' that explained the approaches they were taking to keep their losses low. This was published in the form of a report, and then an article in the Harvard Business Review.

In the final part of the research, the ECR Group, with inputs from all its members, reviewed this research, calibrated it against their own knowledge, to create a slightly enlarged framework based upon 11 factors of habits.

From this framework, a benchmarking scorecard was created, with the objective of being a practical tool that ECR members could use to assess their own organisation's compliance to the 11 habits, enabling them to identify key areas for future improvement.

An article that introduced the 11 Habits and the benchmarking scorecard was published in Loss Prevention Magazine.