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Getting Ready for RFID - One Day Workshop - July 4th

Getting Ready for RFID - One Day Workshop - July 4th


How to Build a Roadmap for the Use of RFID in Retailing

This free to attend workshop offers the opportunity to learn how to build a persuasive business case, engage stakeholders, launch pilots, and deploy your RFID programme. It will provide a detailed account of the key challenges faced and lesson learnt by some of the biggest retail users of RFID in the world.


A newly published report commissioned by the ECR Community Shrinkage and On-shelf Availability Group and GS1 has highlighted not only the significant benefits that some retailers are now accruing through the use of RFID technologies, but also the way in which they developed their business cases, undertook trials and subsequently rolled out their programmes across their businesses.

This one day, interactive workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to not only hear first-hand from the report’s author, Professor Adrian Beck, but also to learn from the experiences of retailers who have embarked upon their own RFID journeys. In addition, the workshop will provide ample opportunity to discuss in detail what the findings may mean for those thinking about utilising this technology and how to go about building a business case, undertaking trials and the key steps to follow when rolling it out across retail businesses.


As detailed in the report, RFID technologies have matured to the point where they are now making good business sense for certain retailers in a given context. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have developed a thorough understanding of not only the experiences of the companies that took part in this research, but also what they need to do should they wish to begin their own RFID journey.

Target Audience

Retail executives with responsibility for on-shelf availability and stock integrity; and those in the planning phase or thinking about embarking on implementing an RFID programme in their businesses.

Draft Workshop Agenda

Using RFID in Retailing: Practical Steps to Undertaking an RFID Journey
• What are the current challenges to achieving stock integrity/accuracy and why does it matter?
• Why have some retailers invested in RFID?
• What do you need to understand about RFID technologies and how do you make good choices about them?

Putting an RFID Business Case Together: Understanding and Iterating the Business Need
• How do you develop a persuasive business case for investing in RFID?
• Who needs to lead an RFID project and which parts of the business need to be involved?

Making Sense of RFID Technologies
• How have RFID technologies evolved?
• How do you decide which technologies are right for your business context?

Lessons on Undertaking RFID Trials
• Why do retailers undertake RFID trials?
• What should you consider when designing and running trials?

Lessons on Rolling out RFID in Your Business
• What key lessons can be learnt from retailers that have rolled out RFID in their businesses?
• What does a good deployment look like?

Measuring the Impact of RFID programmes
• What are the typical KPIs used to measure the impact of RFID?
• How do you measure the underlying Impact Mechanisms?
• What are the most frequent ways in which the effectiveness of RFID systems can be monitored?

Getting to Grips with the Issue of Integration
• How will RFID integrate with existing systems and what are the pitfalls?
• What integration is required to ensure a successful programme is established?

Making the Most of RFID
• Why do standards matter when it comes to developing an RFID programme?
• How might your RFID programme develop in the future?
• What are the key lessons to developing a successful RFID system?

This is a free, invitation only event exclusively for retailers and manufacturers. To register your interest in attending please click here

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