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European Loss Prevention Innovation Challenge

European Loss Prevention Innovation Challenge



A recurring criticism from retail loss prevention executives of the technology provider community is that they develop new interventions that do not necessarily address the current pressing concerns of the industry – ‘solutions searching for problems’ is the oft stated gripe.

Equally, the technology provider community frequently bemoan the lack of feedback from the retail community on what issues they would like to see addressed by new innovations and technology – ‘how can we help you if you don’t tell us specifically the problem you want us to solve for’ is often their response.

In other industries, where technology innovation is sought, organisations such as Accenture and FoodNexus have promoted a start-up challenge, with specific communities in mind, for example the food supply chain in Holland. It is within this overall context that the ECR Shrinkage and On-shelf Availability Group is launching the European Retail Loss Prevention Innovation Challenge, uniquely targeting the problem of retail loss and the loss prevention community in Europe.


The aim of the Innovation Challenge is to find new thinking and ideas that can help tackle the common problem’s retailers face as they seek to reduce risk and retail losses while also improving productivity and profits. The objective would be to initiate trials in retailer member organisations, and where appropriate product manufacturers.


Finalist Presentations: Thursday June 21st: