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Introducing the ECR Loss Prevention Road Map

Introducing the ECR Loss Prevention Road Map

Arguably, this report and its recommendations (Corporate Policy & The Road Map) has been THE most widely adopted of all the Group's research outputs.

Today, loss prevention teams at retailers around the world, as well as product manufacturers, have embedded this tool into their ways of working, utilising it on a regular basis for a myriad of different products and retail locations. 

In terms of impact, the original report detailed just four real world case studies, but in 2007, an impact analysis was undertaken by the Cranfield School of Management. They reviewed the data from nine retailer and CPG organisations using the Road Map, concluding that those organisations alone had been able to make savings of over €620 million that could be directly attributable to the use of the framework, tools and techniques in the 'ECR Blue Book', which documents the use of the Road Map.

You can also an article on the Road Map published in Loss Prevention Magazine in 2015.