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About ECR Community

About ECR Community

The Mission

ECR Community strives to transform the way we work together to fulfil consumer wishes better, faster and at less cost.

ECR Community is a flagship for delivering consumer benefits through collaborative practices between trading partners along the consumer goods value chain. We provide a neutral platform on which to develop, disseminate and foster the implementation of these practices.

It consists of a network of National ECR Initiatives each of which brings together manufacturers, retailers and in many cases, service providers within their country.

How we Operate

ECR Community works together on areas of high relevance across markets, developing and delivering joint solutions. It works at a national level to avoid duplication by sharing ideas, information, outputs and contacts.

ECR Community collects evidence and examples, conducts research and at all times strives to demonstrate the value of collaborative practices. It contributes towards raising awareness and promoting work developed at a global level by the Consumer Goods Forum and other partners.

How to Contact us

For any questions or queries regarding ECR Community, please contact jennifer.murphy@ecr-community.org


ECR Community is governed by a Board of Directors.  There are eight executive representatives selected from 21 member nationals. These positions are fulfilled by a biannual election, or annually if a replacement to the Board is necessary.

The Board is chaired by two co-chairs with a maximum term of four years.  One incoming Co-Chair (+1 year service) and a outgoing Co-Chair (+1 year service), with re-election on a biannual basis.

The Board meets between six and 12 times per year, three of these are on a face-to-face basis. The minimum attendance required is 60%.

Meet the Board

Tomas Martoch

Co-Chair/ECR Czech & Slovak Republic

Tomas is Co-Chair of ECR Community and has been the National Manager of the Czech-Slovak ECR initiative since 2011. Working for GS1 he is responsible for business development and deployment of systems within new sectors. A graduate of the Faculty of Transportation Science & Communications in Žilina in Slovakia, he has more than 25 years of experience in ICT, FMCG, retail and consulting.

Declan Carolan

Co-Chair/ECR Ireland

Declan is Co-Chair of ECR Community and General Manager of ECR Ireland. Prior to this, he worked with Superquinn supermarket chain in Ireland for 13 years, latterly as Head of Supply Chain. He has a Marketing Degree from Trinity College, Dublin and an M.B.A. in Retailing & Wholesaling from the University of Stirling.

John Fonteijn

Director/Shrink & OSA Group

John is Head of Asset Protection GSO at Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize, an area in which he has over 30 years experience. With a Masters in Business Administration and Management, he is also a Director of ECR Community and leader of the ECR Shrink and OSA Group.

Xavier Hua

Treasurer/ECR France

Managing Director of ECR France for the last six years, Xavier brings over 20 years of expertise in Supply Chain Management, and is an expert in retail, consumer goods and consulting.

Maximillian Musselius

Director/ECR Russia

Maximilian is the Executive Director of ECR Russia. With over 15 years experience within the manufacturing industry at a senior level, he is a graduate of Moscow State University with a Masters Degree in Management and Law.

Silvia Scalia

Director/ECR Italy

Silvia has over 15 years experience at GS1 in various managerial roles including food tractability and training. A Director of ECR Community she is also responsible for ECR Italy. With a degree in Economics from the University of Pavia she has also worked for both Nestle and the IIR (Institute for International Research) and brings a wealth of industry experience.

Harri Sivula

Director/ECR Finland

Harri is CEO of GS1 Finland and a director of ECR Community. Invited to return to GS1 for a period of two years to design and implement a management transformation programme, he has agreed to take up a GS1 board position after he steps down in 2017. With a Masters Degree in Administration from the University of Vaasa in Finland, he has studied at Insead France, Stanford in USA and Sauder in BC Canada. Holding many CEO positions in both the retail and wholesale sectors, he is now focusing on a broad spectrum of professional work.